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Hart - Western Summit

image not foundDescription: PC0002 060 train in Dixie Cut Gold Run Station Placer County. Image No. 60. Photographic series documenting construction of the Central Pacific Railroad, 1866-1869
Photographer/artist: Alfred A. Hart Date taken: 1860s Photo location: Dixie Cut, Placer County
Type: photo Subject: Transcontinental Railroad Construction County: Placer
Source: Stanford CollectionReferences: Contributor: Stanford Libraries
Notes: Original image 4.1 MB, see Stanford source. HCS 1/10/22. See also Goldbaum and Huffman's 2012 book, Waiting for the Cars, p. 110, where the authors note that it was here in April 1866 "that a foreman and five workers were killed by a premature blast of black powder. The coincidence of this accident with a devastating explosion of nitroglycerin in downtown San Francisco just the day before led the CP [Central Pacific] to destroy its own small stock of nitro, with which it had been experimenting. Later, when they were chipping away at the granite of Summit Tunnel, the company reintroduced the use of nitroglycerin. But then, to avoid the hazards of shipping the explosive, it was manufactured on site." See newspaper article.
Rights: NFS. Research Only.Identifier: AAH0001Serial Number: 2054
Donation: Alfred A. Hart Collection (AAH) collection (#34)