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There are two ways of searching for images in the collection, Quick Search and Advanced Search. Quick Search allows you to look for words or phrases in any part of the data associated with the images. If you want to search for records with two words or phrases enter the second word or phrase in the second box. Be aware that entering common words such as Truckee, Hobart, logging, lumber will result in a large number of images being retrieved. We suggest you make your first query broad enough to retrieve some images, and then revise your search as specific as possible. For example, only searching using the term Hobart will retrieve all images from the Hobart Mills Collection (over 300 images) as well as any other images that may mention Hobart. A focused query of mill (in the first box) and logging (in the second box) will retrieve fewer images. If you are searching for just postcards, you can search in the Advanced Search section and refine your query. For details about postcard history, consult this link. If you are looking for panoramic images, you can enter panorama in the Advanced Search box and search on Type. A little bit of experimenting should assist you in locating the image(s) you are searching for. If you are having problems finding an image contact Heidi Sproat at hsproat@truckeehistory.org . 1/4/2023 HCS

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Many of the photographs in this database are NOT owned by the Truckee-Donner Historical Society; rather they are privately owned. Occasionally, permission to display photographs is withdrawn and the images are taken out of the database. Images are rendered 500 KB - 1 MB for quick viewing and provide a visual connection to the requested search. Most images are watermarked. However, those images that are without our Truckee-Donner Historical Society watermark require WRITTEN TDHS permission to use any image in the public domain. For higher resolution photo use, please contact info@truckeehistory.org.


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Recent Updates

July 2023 HCS: We added about 10 images from the Jibboom (JIB) collection. There are several images in this collection that require closer inspection at high resolution as many images are undated. However, by noting the adjacent AND background buildings, these photos can be approximately dated by decade. We also added seven (7) new images courtesy of donor John Gaffney (JG) dealing with trains entering California from the Nevada State Line marker, dated 1872.

May 2023 HCS: We added images from the Chaun O. Mortier (COM) collection. Many of the images are postcards, also known as Real Photo Post Cards (RPPC), many of them about Lake Tahoe. To read more about RPPCs, consult these additional sources: Smithsonian Archives ; Dumbarton Oaks Colourpicture Publishers, Inc. ; California Views ; Wikipedia Charlton ; and Postcard Studies .

April 2023 HCS: We added about 62 images from the Jeanne Karnovski (JKC) collection. Many of the images are of the Donner Summit area. We originally received these images awhile ago, and scanned them years ago, but have only recently added them for inclusion in our Image Collection.

February 2023 HCS: We are adding about 75 images from the Alice Belle Bliss Ruffer (RUF) collection, courtesy of Tom Macaulay's collection. Most of the images are of Hobart Mills. We originally received these images awhile ago, but have only recently scanned them for inclusion in our Image Collection.

January 2023 HCS: We added another 50 images of more trains, train wrecks, derailments and accidents in Truckee, Colfax, and Donner Summit. Images are from our Train collection (TRR) and include images of the January 1952 avalanche and stranded City of San Francisco train.

December 2022 HCS: We added another 50 images of trains, train wrecks, derailments and accidents in Truckee, Colfax, and Boca. Most of the images are from our Train collection (TRR).

October - November 2022 HCS: We added another 100 images of the Truckee River (RVR) reflecting all seasons. Images reflect the Truckee River powerhouse, flume, mill pond, winter scenes, bridges over the Truckee River, the San Francisco Flycasters Club, and many others. We also added about 20 images from the George Kamp Collection (GKC). We added several images from the Thelma Meiss Collection (MES), and a new image from Minasian (MIN) - clearing snow at the Truckee Freight Depot. Other images from this Minasian collection are noted in the Contributor information field. Lastly, we also added 80+ images from the "Red" Rockholm (RKH) Collection. Many of these images are of snow scenes, but reflect both the geography and businesses over time. There are also several images of Tahoe and Donner Summit.

March - September 2022 HCS: 13 new images donated by Bill and Sue O'Dell (ODE) (now deceased), of photos of Truckee overviews, Truckee Gun Club, an elephant, Truckee Lumber Co. panoramas and others. Photos dated about 1898-1899. These images were donated by A. Almeida. We also added an additional 51 images of the Truckee Train Depot and Freight Depot in summer and winter operations.

January - February 2022 HCS: 82 images from the Alfred A. Hart First Transcontinental Railroad Collection have been added (AAH), donation #34. 15 images have been added from the Eadweard Muybridge collection (EMC), donation #36. 48 images from the Lawrence and Houseworth collection (LHC) have been added, donation #35. Note LoC refers to Library of Congress. DFDLWR refers to Dutch Flat Donner Lake Wagon Road. Additional images from the Englehart Collection (EGH) that are not otherwise in our online collection have also been added as donation #37, and references to EGH images included throughout.

October 2021 HCS: 28 additional images added from the John Hultin Collection (JHC), donation #7, which cover the 1960s Olympics at Squaw Valley, the aftermath of the March 1982 Alpine Meadows avalanche, exploring pioneer wagon and items in the Nevada and Utah deserts (which culminated in a donation to the then Emigrant Museum in 1963 of the artifacts that were located), and one photo looking out from Benson Hut taken in 1962.

August 2021 HCS: 17 images from the 1918 three part report on the Feasibility of Clean Up of the Truckee River (TSD), by the California State Board of Health, Bureau of Sanitary Engineering. Part III images were taken in 1917 and 1918 of various views of the Truckee River, donation #32, have been added.

May - July 2021 HCS: 3 images from our Ron Rettig Collection (RRC), donation #30, have been added.  We also added another 52 images from the Truckee overview and panoramas collection (OVR), donation #31.

January - April 2021 HCS: 18 images from our Boca Collection (BOCA), donation #24, have been added.  We added another 111 images from the John Corbett (COR) collection, donation #3; and one image from a 1924 fire at Clinton Hirschdale. We also added 20 images from our River Street (RVR) collection, donation #28.  58 images from the Cupples Collection (CUP), donation #27, were added late April.

November-December 2020: COVID-19 year. 9 new images added about the Truckee Train Depot (DPT), and 8 from Lake Tahoe Railway and Transportation Company (LTR); (also LTRTCo, or LTR&TCo).

April - September 2020: James Tucker image collection, donation #20, was added. In the fallout and restrictions imposed due to the coronavirus, TDHS is still committed to making new images in our collection available to the public.

January - March 2020: 147 Lumbering images (LUM) have been added to the collection. They can be located by searching through Donation #19.

November-December 2019: In an effort to make images of Truckee and the surrounding areas available to viewers WITHIN the Truckee-Donner Historical Society’s website, we have now incorporated our Image Collection WITHIN our own TDHS website at truckeehistory.org. This will permit viewers to know they are still within the truckeehistory.org website as the Image Collection is now integrated into the main truckeehistory.org website. We also added some 36 images from the Frank L. Titus (FLT) collection, donation #6.

May 2019: To commemorate Truckee’s train history and the ongoing 150th anniversary celebrations, we have added another 80 images about trains including construction of the railway, locomotives, fire trains, snow sheds, roundhouses and rail yards, and the train depot. We also added 13 Gateway Motel (GWM), donation #14, and Hooligan Rock images and 62 High Street images (HIGH), donation #16, many which include the McGlashan Mansion and Rocking Stone Tower.

April 2019: 80 images from the Ice Palace collection includes both the First Ice Palace downtown Truckee and the Second Ice Palace, Toboggan Lift and runs in the Hilltop area. Also added were 70 images showcasing various stages of the Ice Industry and production in Truckee and Boca areas. 90 some images were also added of various trains - construction of the Transcontinental Railroad, Locomotives, Fire Trains, Depot, etc. More are being added weekly.

December 2018: 43 images from Commercial Row added. 28 images from the Johan Hultin collection were added.

November 2018: 22 images from Commercial Row added.

October 2018: 3 images from Commercial row added.

August 2018: 22 images from Commercial Row added.

July 2018: 17 images from Commercial Row added.

May 2018: 19 images from Front Street were added, (FTS), donation #4. 11 images from Commercial Row (CMR), donation #5 were added.

April 2018: 81 images from Front Street were added.

February 2018: 5 H.K. Gage images added. 10 images from the John Corbett Collection were added. 22 images from the Front Street collection were added.

January 2018: 80 images from Herman Kimball (H.K.) Gage (HKG) collection added, donation #2. These were recently discovered at the Truckee Library and were donated to the Truckee-Donner Historical Society in September 2017.

November 2017: 159 images from Hobart Mills Collection (HM) added, donation #1.

October 2017: 64 images from Hobart Mills Collection added.

September 2017: 53 images from Hobart Mills Collection added.

August 2017: 30 images from Hobart Mills Collection added.

July 2017: initiated system construction.

Please contact Heidi Sproat at hsproat@truckeehistory.org with any corrections, questions, and/or comments. 7/29/2023