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Sewer Dump, Boca Hotel, Boca

image not foundDescription: Photo no. 15 from 1918 California State Board of Health Progress report
Photographer/artist: C.G. Gillespie Date taken: Oct. 20, 1917 Photo location: Boca
Type: photo Subject: Truckee River pollution County:
Source: TDHS CollectionReferences: Contributor: Truckee Sanitary District and in 2012, Tom Macaulay
Notes: HCS entered 8/25/2021. Truckee River on left. Little Truckee enters through culvert on right. Note pile of lumber between sewer dump and river. Note handwritten note sewer dump. Part I Progress Report to the California State Board of Health on the Feasibility of a Clean-up of the Truckee River by G.G. Gillespie, Director, Bureau of Sanitary Engineering, August 14, 1918; Part II Report on the Pollution of the Truckee River by the Mills of the Crown Willamette Paper Co., at Floriston, Cal., by Frank Bachmann, Chief Chemist, Bureau of Sanitary Engineering, March 4, 1918; Part III, Photographs and Maps to accompany this combined report.
Rights: YesIdentifier: TSD0015Serial Number: 2017
Donation: Truckee Sanitary District (TSD) collection (#32)