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Johan Hultin Collection

image not foundDescription: Black and White photo of the Hultins presenting the partial wagon wheel and iron wagon part - wheel hub - to Emigrant Trail Museum, Donner Memorial State Park, Historical Guide, Maurice H. Getty. Note Pioneer Monument in background. Other items may be animal bones. For specific details about the Hultin Collection, see Provenance History, compiled by Hultin family's daughter, October 2018. According to a conversation with Mr. Getty in June 2022, the two stumps purportedly from the Alder Creek Donner Camp area of George Donner, were already in the new Museum when it opened September 13, 1962. Sierra Sun archives, 9/13/1962 and 2/6/1964 news articles.
Photographer/artist: Date taken: After Easter 1964 Photo location: Donner Memorial State Park
Type: photo Subject: Wagon Wheel parts County:
Source: TDHS CollectionReferences: Contributor: Johan Hultin Collection
Notes: Original image is 298 KB; WW26
Rights: YesIdentifier: JHC0003Serial Number: 659
Donation: Johan Hultin Collection (JHC) collection (#7)