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10 images found from the John Corbett (COR) donation

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image not foundTitle: Overview of Truckee, color, aerial, looking westbound from railroad balloon track areaIdentifier: COR1653
image not foundTitle: Archaeological dig at Alder CreekIdentifier: COR1931
image not foundTitle: John Corbett on director stand, possibly at airport with cameraIdentifier: COR1946
image not foundTitle: Remodel of Capitol Building; 2 workmen reconstructionIdentifier: COR2272
image not foundTitle: Downtown Truckee Commercial RowIdentifier: COR2337
image not foundTitle: Nighttime photo of Masonic remains after propane explosion November 29, 1963; note firemen still on scene after securing site Identifier: COR2348
image not foundTitle: Downtown Truckee with marquee on truck in front of Capitol BuildingIdentifier: COR3063
image not foundTitle: Downtown Truckee, winter scene, crossing railroad tracks on Bridge Street heading south; Mobil station on Identifier: COR3286
image not foundTitle: Downtown Truckee Depot train stationIdentifier: COR3401
image not foundTitle: Color photo of Donner Lake boats, possibly bathtub races, possibly sponsored by OptimistsIdentifier: COR3530